Ajaz Patel’s performance was for daughter

IND vs NZ LIVE: Shocking! New Zealand’s ‘PERFECT 10’ hero Ajaz Patel remains doubtful for next Test; wife says ‘Record performance was for daughter’

IND vs NZ LIVE: Ajaz’s wife says ‘record was for daughter’- Ajaz Patel, who took centre stage in the Mumbai Test, not only stunned the cricket fraternity but also surprised his family. His wife Nilofer Patel told TVNZ expressed her joy and added that she couldn’t wait for the day to tell their young daughter about the incredible achievement of her father. The Mumbai-born spin bowler took 14-225 against Indies, including a ‘PERFECT 10’.

“What he’s doing now, he’s doing for his daughter. It’s going to be great to tell her that her dad made cricket history. We were screaming and jumping for joy,” Nilofer said.

“I was like, oh my God, this is amazing. He was speechless, he was like, ‘I can’t believe what I did,” she added.

IND vs NZ LIVE: New Zealand’s ‘PERFECT 10’ hero Ajaz Patel’s wife says ‘Record performance was for daughter’

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Ajaz Patel’s mother Shahnaz Patel told that they began to think something incredible would happen as he continued to wreak havoc against India batting lineup. “After seven, eight wickets we started to think he might get 10. He was very happy, because it was his dream to play on that ground,” Patel told TVNZ’s One News.

IND vs NZ LIVE: New Zealand’s ‘PERFECT 10’ hero Ajaz Patel’s wife says ‘Record performance was for daughter’

Meanwhile, his parents will be waiting to watch him in action at home if he gets a chance to play in upcoming home tests against Bangladesh at Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui. If Ajaz Patel is considered for the upcoming Test, his parents Yunus and Shahnaz could finally watch him play at the venue for the first time.

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