APB Yellowbrick Reebok CL Legacy Release Date

APB Store has steadily placed its efforts towards pushing the community-driven purpose of the Whitaker Group. As one of the heralded retail establishments under James Whitner’s guidance, APB has daringly given three young students the opportunity to design their sneaker collaborations with Reebok.

Through the Yellowbrick program, Reebok and APB chose three young students — Isaac “Ikey” Reeves, Ashley Hamilton, and Ben Gass — to design a shoe and direct the strategy for the launch. Working on the CL Legacy silhouette, the collective arrived at a concept of “Duality”, focusing on the motto of “Dream in the night, achieve in the day”. The colors reflect themes of both night and day, while the official look-book champions that all-day hustle mentality.

Just 150 pairs of the highly limited edition is dropping exclusively through APB Store (in-store and online) on April 29th; in celebration of the drop, APB will host an interactive discussion on the processes that went into creating the sneaker from start to finish (April 28th, 6-8pm at Columbia, SC store).

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