15 Best Candles on Amazon in 2021 — Top-Rated Candles on Amazon to Light This Winter

beyhanyazar Ever since spending more time at home, I’ve become increasingly obsessed with candles. And my love for these little scented babies has only grown stronger, especially now that we’re getting into the colder months and the thought of lighting a winter candle while cozying up with a good book beckons ever so temptingly. I! … Read more

A Breakdown of Pop Punk Boy’s Glam Like Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly

He’s tall, lanky, nail polished, and your roommates hate him. His tattoos are stupid, his band is not as good as he says they are, your mom won’t tell your grandma about him, but underneath all that chaotic energy, there’s a little heart of gold that runs primarily on whiskey and clothes he borrowed from … Read more

Zazie Beetz’s Beauty Secrets, From Three-Step Skin Care to Artful Eyeliner

For Zazie Beetz, the Emmy-nominated star of the FX series Atlanta, there’s one constant in life—no matter her call time: “I don’t care how late it is; I don’t care how tired I am; I wash my face,” says the 30-year-old, who begins her days with a simple three-step skin-care regimen (cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF) that leaves her with ample … Read more

Thanksgiving Makeup: The Case for Looking Glamorous This Holiday

From an extra few hours of sleep to mouthwatering comfort food, Thanksgiving is an invitation to indulge. And at peak coziness, whiling away the hours in front of the fire or watching the cranberry sauce simmer on the stove, taking an insouciant approach to beauty only feels natural. But by the same token, surrounded by … Read more