County cricket final day: Warwickshire v Hampshire, Worcs v Middlesex – live | County Championship

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And, for the very last time this season, good morning! It feels about time, I wore wellies to walk the dog and have the first knockings of a winter cold. Hibernation approaches.

But before that, we have on last day of Championship cricket and the sky is still blue, the sun still has a milky warmth. Most things are sorted now, the Champions, the promoted teams (unless something extraordinary happens to Middlesex); and Gloucestershire’s three-day victory over Yorkshire has given them a boost, but only to start Division Two next April. The game to watch is at Edgbaston – where if Warwickshire can beat Hampshire, they stay in Division One. They currently lead by 23 with eight wickets remaining. It is shit or bust for the Bears. Yorkshire, who will go down if Warwickshire do manage to pull of a win, will be watching nervously

Play starts at 10.30am.

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