England v India: fifth Test, day four – live! | England v India 2021

46th over: India 126-3 (Pujara 51, Pant 29) Anderson creaks into action, his first delivery looked particularly laboured and a bit stiff. Nevertheless, he’s on the button from the get go and it’s just a Pujara single off the over. Joe Root is going to twirl away from the other end.

The players take the field, Jimmy Anderson has the new ball – PLAY!


Hello everyone and welcome to the day four OBO of England v India at Edgbaston.

Don’t like Mondays? Tell me why! Is it because England are a long way behind in this Test match and the ramifications of the ‘BazBall’ idealogy are coming home to roost? How long, by the way, before the term ‘BazBall’ becomes teeth gnawingly annoying? Are we there already? Let me know!

The contrasting methods of Pujara and Pant served to thwart England yesterday afternoon and into the evening, stretching India’s lead to 257 runs with seven more wickets in which to bat this game out of sight.

Now, England will surely go for whatever target they are set by Bumrah and co and who knows, maybe we will see something mind-boggling again in Birmingham? BUT, at what point does this score become definitively out of reach for even the most delusionally optimistic exponents and believers of ‘The New Way’? 400? 500? Is a fourth innings target ever truly out of sight anymore?

I guess we might have some answers soon enough, play is set to get underway at 10:30AM BRITISH SUMMERTIME.

Join us, and do get in touch, it will not be dull. Promise.

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