England v South Africa: third Test, day four – live! | England v South Africa 2022

Key events

Michael Atherton, Mark Butcher, Nasser Hussain and the Telegraph’s Nick Hoult are in the Sky studio chewing over the events of the last few days with an untouched plate of croissants sitting temptingly in front of them.

“J’accuse,” writes Brian Withington. “Although I tend to agree with the broad point he was making, there’s a certain delicious irony in Kevin Pietersen accusing Ben Stokes of a reckless dismissal yesterday.”

Isn’t that in the job description of retired players? See, in particular, IT Botham.

Zapper located. Nasser and Andrew Strauss are on the mike now Strauss: “England have turned around a team that was lacking in confidence, it has been brilliant cricket to watch. At time they have over-played their hand, yesterday it almost looked like the approach was more important than the runs scored which means there is no incentive to do the hard yards.”

Some truth there.

Shaun Pollock and Kevin Pietersen are whispering in a knowing way -possibly because someone turned down the volume and our remote is missing. Excuse me for a minute while I turn the room upside down.

Love this picture – feeling for groundsmen and women this time of year.

It looks all fine and dandy at The Oval this morning, sun on the outfield, players warming up.


Good morning! Seventeen wickets, a debutant, a new monarch – events hit The Oval yesterday.

This Test has, with alacrity, thrown itself into the challenge of completing within three days (day one being washed out, day two being cancelled). Ollie Robinson helped himself to another five-fer as South Africa crumbled away like dried up blackberries, only to for England to follow suit, blazing away into a 36 run lead with only three wickets in hand.

Play starts at 11am BST (not sure why they don’t follow the County Championship lead and begin half an hour earlier in September), do hang around for the last Test of the summer.

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