Ganguly Attending Selection Meetings? BCCI house divided on allegations

Ganguly Attending Selection Meetings – Sourav Ganguly in trouble? Another big controversy is brewing up in Indian Cricket. Another big controversy related to BCCI President Sourav Ganguly. Few reports are doing the rounds that Ganguly ‘forcefully attended couple of selection meetings’. InsideSport tried reaching out to both Ganguly & other BCCI officials on the report. Ganguly did not reply to the message but few of the BCCI officials termed the development ‘unfortunate’ & few others as usual swept it under the carpet: Follow Indian Cricket LIVE Updates on InsideSport.IN

“This is utter nonsense & completely false”, said one of the top BCCI official

“He is been doing things forcefully on various accounts. This is how BCCI is being run now a days. Ganguly doesn’t have any business to attend selection meetings. Extremely unfortunate this is”, said another BCCI official.

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Ganguly Attending Selection Meetings: BCCI house divided on allegations on board President, cricket fans says ‘Sourav Ganguly complete disgrace’

What exactly is the matter? The entire matter come into the forefront as one of the senior journalist tweeted that a ‘BCCI official’ had been interfering with the team selection matters for quite some time.

The journalist claimed that the official bearer did so by inviting himself to the selection committee meeting despite knowing that he had no business of attending those meetings.

The information by the journalist was further interpreted, confirmed by other group of jorunalists confirming that the alleged official is SOURAV GANGULY who has been attending BCCI Selections meeting forcefully.

At the time, the journalist received a lot of flak as people accused him of spreading misinformation. In fact, not just fans, even veteran off-spinner Harbhajan Singh called him out and asked him to share with the whole the world the name of the said individual.

They say there is no smoke without fire. And it looks like the journalist’s claim had some sort of truth behind it and if reports are to be believed, that BCCI official was none other than its president Sourav Ganguly.

What does the BCCI Constitution says? As per the BCCI’s constitution, the board president is not allowed to interfere in the selection matters.

The constitution allows any BCCI Secretary to convene & attend the selection meetings.

The BCCI Selectors are the final authority to select the team.

As an convention they always speak to Team captain & coach before the selection meetings. But it is the selectors responsibility to select & finalize the team.

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