Golden Goose Launches Sneaker Made Out of Plant Material for Earth Day – Footwear News

Golden Goose has teamed up with Italian materials production company Coronet to launch a new sustainable sneaker. Launching for Earth Day, Yatay, the made-in-Italy style is bio-based, made with material derived from vegetable sources.

Components include recycled polyester and biodegradable rubber. Looking closely, you’ll see the gender-neutral sneaker includes lining in viscose derived from responsible sources, a white Y in cotton with bio-based coating and white laces in recycled cotton and polyester.

In addition, on every left heel tab there’s a unique embossed number. Once received, wearers are encouraged to scan the QR code printed on the recycled and recyclable shoe box, add in the number and access a dedicated area to plant a tree, monitor its growth and the amount of CO2 it absorbs.

Golden Goose, Yatay, sustainable, sneaker

Golden Goose Yatay sneaker.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Golden Goose

By using the animal-free materials, Yatay reduces CO2 emissions by 90% and water usage by 65% compared to leather, according to the company.

The name Yatay comes from a particular species of palm called Butia Yatay and is a palindrome that symbolizes the principle of circularity. With this partnership, both companies aim to create innovations and provide positive social and economic impact, whilst maintaining the lowest environmental footprint. This partnership will also allow continuous testing phases, directly verifying the results on the Golden Goose products, collecting consumers’ feedback, and subsequently making the innovations available for the rest of the industry.

The sneakers are available exclusively at today for $320.

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