Homegrown – from the roots up

Inspired by the people we work with and the places we go, Homegrown is a label that keeps community at its roots and goes wild with its design. Plucking out components from the high end right through to the thrift store, Homegrown is all about loud styles, creativity and storytelling.

Moving forward, Homegrown will act as a creative platform for people to share both their stories and styles. Whether simply just aesthetics or something more innovative, this label is all about providing a fun and friendly platform for those who might struggle to find a voice of their own within the industry.

SZ Homegrown 13

SZ Homegrown 48 scaled

The first drop combines outdoorsy and psychedelic styles throughout, sprawled across staple streetwear fits that are cut with premium materials for this season. All adorned with our wholesome mushroom logo, this first capsule is jam-packed with unique styles and bright colourways to elevate your wardrobe right in time for your summer getups.

SZ Homegrown 23

The first Homegrown capsule drops on Wednesday 11th May – put the date in your diary!

SZ Homegrown 11

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