IPL 2022 TV Ratings fall, Advertisers knock STAR SPORTS doors for COMPENSATION

IPL 2022 TV Ratings – IPL 2022 LIVE Broadcast: As reported earlier by InsideSport, the 15th edition of the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) is on a sticky wicket. The TV viewership across age groups has fallen by over 30% making some of the advertisers really jittery. InsideSport can confirm that some of the advertisers and agencies have started knocking the doors of official broadcasters for compensation for fall in RATINGS: Follow IPL 2022 LIVE Updates with InsideSport.IN

  • Sources told InsideSport that advertisers are asking broadcaster Disney Star India to compensate them for the drop in viewership.
  • It is worth noting that Star Sports this year had hiked the ad rates by almost 15 to 20%.

“See we have paid 15% more and the numbers are down by 28-30%. It’s quite a dampener for us. We obviously are talking to Star Sports for some compensatory inventory and hopeful of the solution”, said one of the advertiser on IPL 2022 this year.

Shashank Srivastava, senior executive director (marketing & sales), Maruti Suzuki India also has been quoted by FE on dip in ratings. Maruti too are in discussion with Star Sports for the compensatory spots according to Srivastava.

“In the first 25 matches this season, if you look at our TG, which is male and between 22 and 40 years of age, the TVR (television ratings) drop is around 58% and much higher than the average viewership decline of around 30-35%,” said Srivastava. “We are in discussions with Star Sports to provide additional FCT (free commercial time) on live matches so that the overall reach numbers and commitments that were made can be met.”, he told Financial Express.

IPL 2022 TV Ratings: Absolute mayhem for IPL 2022 LIVE Broadcast ratings, viewership for WEEK fall by 35%, Star Sports down to NO. 4th

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IPL 2022 TV Ratings fall, advertisers knock STAR SPORTS doors for COMPENSATION, BCCI confident ‘ratings will pick up now’

IPL 2022 TV Ratings – IPL 2022 LIVE Broadcast: The fall in IPL 2022 Ratings is UNPRECEDENTED. The trend of the first few weeks now has reached extremely alarming proportions. The last WEEK Ratings of IPL 2022 has falled by more than 35%. Never ever in history of IPL, the ratings have fallen to these levels. Despite of NON-STOP matches every evening of the week, Star Sports has fallen to NO. 4 in TOP Channels LIST: 

BARC Week 17: Saturday, 23rd April 2022 to Friday, 29th April 2022

  • IPL 2022 Viewership Drops by almost 35% vis a vis last year for the same week
  • Star Sports 1 Hindi Drops to No. 4th in TOP Channels LIST
  • SunTV No. 1, MAA TV No. 2 & Star Plus No. 3 in top channels list for the week
  • IPL 2022 Ratings is seeing historic fall.
  • First 4 Week Ratings of IPL 2022 vis a vis last year has shrinked by almost 30%

BCCI also has admitted that they are now getting concerned on fall in viewership numbers

“We haven’t seen the entire viewership report as yet. But any fall in television ratings is a concern. The matches and standard of cricket is absolutely top class. We are sure the ratings will pick up in coming weeks”, a top BCCI official admitted to the InsideSport.

InsideSport also reached out to Disney Star Sports Network for their take on the fall in ratings but did not get any reply.

IPL Media Rights Tender: Big Fight in Offing, Top GUNS Disney Star,…

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IPL 2022 TV Ratings fall, advertisers knock STAR SPORTS doors for COMPENSATION, BCCI confident ‘ratings will pick up now’

IPL Media Rights Tender: IPL Ratings falling, Sony Network executive says ‘BCCI needs Reality Check’

IPL Media Rights Tender – IPL Rights Base Price Questioned? One of the big contender for the IPL Media Rights for the next cycle, Sony Pictures Network (SPN) has now also started hammering BCCI on the RATINGS Fall.

Sony has also questioned the ‘steep’ base price asked by the BCCI for the IPL Rights when the ratings are continuously falling. 

According to SPN’s lead executive, the BCCI needs to be realistic about the BASE PRICE. The executive in a interview to ET said the ratings for IPL is down & their needs to be a REALITY CHECK by the BCCI: 

“It’s a very aggressive reserve price and there has to be a reality check. TV viewership of IPL has dropped by over 34% and at a time when the rights are coming up for renewal,” NP Singh, managing director and CEO of Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN)

So will Sony still bid for IPL Rights?

“The outlay expected, given the reserve price, is very high and we will have to factor in the expected growth of the market as well as possible economic and other risks that the market may see in the next five years,” he said. “So, we will weigh everything before we decide on what to do. ”

IPL Media Rights Tender: Sony Network’s BIG THUMBS DOWN to steep Base Price of IPL Media Rights, Executive says ‘Need Reality Check’

IPL Rights Base Price – What is Putting off SONY? The tendering of the rights will be done via a e-auction module. The board has increased the BASE-PRICE by almost 100% and that is the main area of concern for one of the biggest broadcast house of the country.

The last cycle of rights were sold at 16,347.5. BCCI has doubled the base price to 32,890 crore this time.

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IPL 2022 TV Ratings Fall,: Sony Network’ Executive says ‘BCCI Need Reality Check’

IPL Media Rights Tender – What is Putting off SONY? REASON 2

The splitting of digital rights hasn’t gone down well with the broadcaster. The 18 matches in the Digital Rights Package are NON-EXCLUSIVE & that is another concern area according to NP Singh.

“We would have preferred exclusivity of linear and digital both, without these non-exclusive 18 games,” Singh told ET.

  • Bundle A – Indian Sub Continent Broadcast: Base price in this category is Rs 49 crore per game. Overall 74 Games base price would be Rs 18,130 crore for five years.
  • Bundle B – Digital rights Indian Sub-Continent: Base price for this package is Rs 33 crore per game. For five years, the calculation is Rs 12,210 crore.
  • Bundle C: Non Exclusive Package (DIGITAL): The much-debated special package is in Bundle C which comprises 18 games and the reserve price in this cluster is Rs 16 crore per game. At 74 games per season and calculated for five years, the price of this bundle is Rs 1440 crore. This 18 Games in this package will be – Opening Match, 4 Playoff matches & 13 Evening Double Header matches
  • Bundle D: Rest of the World Rights (Outside Sub-Continent): Base price for this package is Rs 3 crore per game. The combined value of the reserve price is Rs 1110. crore for five years.

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