IPL Media Rights Tender: IPL overtakes Premier League in Per Match Values: Follow IPL Tender LIVE

IPL Media Rights Tender – World’s Costliest Sports Properties: Believe it or not but the Indian Premier League and BCCI is ready to set a BIG-RECORD. According to industry estimates, IPL Per Match value in the e-auction will easily cross 100 Crore mark. And if that happens, IPL will become the World’s second most Costliest Sporting property. IPL will overtake the likes of Premier League, Major League Baseball in Per Match Value: Follow IPL Media Rights Tender LIVE Updates & Indian Cricket LIVE Updates with InsideSport.IN



IPL Media Rights Tender LIVE – IPL Rights E-Auction starts: The BIG DAY for the BCCI and the Indian cricket has started delivering results. The BOARD is up for WINDFALL. Already in the 1st HALF of IPL E-AUCTION, Bids have crossed 40,000 Crore mark. The  Package A and B are on BLOCKS first. All the bidders are bidding from the confines of their own premises. The primary fight is between Disney Star vs Sony Network vs Reliance Viacom18. Follow IPL Tender LIVE Updates with InsideSport.IN

The other contender in the fray ZEE is unlikely to bid for Package A. Amazon & Google have already withdrawan

IPL Media Rights Tender: BCCI up for WINDFALL, BIDS already cross 40,000 Crore: Follow LIVE UPDATES

  • @15:30: Bidding Restarts and the VALUE of IPL Rights Per Match crosses 100 Crore: Currently BIDS at 42,000 Crore
  • @14:00: In 1st HALF of IPL E-AUCTION Bidding for the RIGHTS has crossed 40,000 CR – That means already IPL Rights are more than DOUBLED from the current price
  • @13:30PM: IPL Rights E-Auction to RESUME at 3:30PM: All bidders still in fray. ‘Numbers can’t be disclosed’, says BCCI Official.
  • @12:41PM: 1st Day Auction will go on till 6 PM IST / Break will be taken at 1:30PM to 3PM
  • @12:30PM: ZEE unlikely to BID for PACKAGE A / Package B & C is where Zee preferences lies as reported earlier by InsideSport. Sony Sports Network is bidding in the name of Culver Max Entertainment Private Limited for PACKAGE A
  • @12:15 PM: Lalit Modi makes BIG & BOLD PREDICTION – IPL Rights will fetch more than USD 8 Billion – says can go up to even $10BN
  • @11:55 AM: On Bidders request BCCI allows to Increase incremental BIDS to any amount above 50 LACS. Interestingly as the E-Auction MODULE is, no one from the BCCI or BIDDERS know who is BIDDING what? Only thing that comes on their SCREENS is the LAST BIDDED Amount.
  • First on the Block is E-Auction for Package A & B – Simultaneous BIDS to be placed. 49 Crore base price for Package A / 33 Crore for Package B Let’s see who starts the bidding war. Bidders bidding for 410 Matches.
  • @11:00 AM: Bidding Begins, Mjunction the E-auction agency is conducting the bidding

IPL Media Rights Tender: Check How E-Auction will work?

IPL Media Rights Tender LIVE: Lalit Modi makes BIG & BOLD PREDICTION on MEDIA Rights Values,…




Will IPL Cross 100 Crore Per Match mark? The incumbent, Star India, acquired IPL media rights at Rs 16,348 crore for the 2018-22 period.


For the 2023-27 period, the BCCI has set the base price at Rs 32,890 crore.


The base price for TV rights is Rs 49 crore per match. Digital rights base-price is Rs 33 crore per match.


“TV price per match may not see increase more than 20-25%. But the big increase will come from Digital Rights package. All put together the values can touch 115-120 Cr per match according to our estimates”, said Sports Media Rights veteran and CEO of Sporty Solutionz Ashish Chadha





IPL Media Rights Tender: IPL per match value ready to cross 100 Crore, ‘will overtake Premier League to become world’s No. 2 costliest sporting property’


World’s Costliest Sports Properties: Currently, America’s National Football League (NFL) is considered to be the costliest SPORTS-PROPERTY in the World.


The per match value of NFL is in the range of 17.36MN i.e 134 Crores per match. This is followed by Premier League. EPL per match costs comes to round about 81 Crore per game.


According to InsideSport estimates – IPL Media Rights which currently stands at 54 Crore per match should easily cross the Premier League per match values.


This will make IPL the 2nd COSTLIEST Sports property in the WORLD. Even at Base Price, IPL now is almost equal to Premier League per match value figures.


“We are confident IPL Media Rights will set new bench-marking for the sports industry. Don’t want to predict any number. But BCCI is confident that it will be a record breaking number”, said BCCI’s Treasurer Arun Dhummal to InsideSport.



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IPL Media Rights Tender : IPL per match value ready to cross 100 Crore, ‘will overtake Premier League to become world’s No. 2 costliest sporting property’

NOTE: In the GRAPH above IPL Per Match Value given is 8.5 MN. It is as per the Dollar exchange rate in 2018. As per the Dollar Exchange rate of today IPL Per Match Value is 6.9MN (54 Crore per match)


World’s Costliest Sports PropertiesTOP 5 LIST


IPL media rights are the fourth highest currently.


National Football League (NFL), English Premier League (EPL), and Major League Baseball (MLB) are the top 3 properties as PER the per match value media rights sales figures. 


The top 5 list is completed by Bundesliga which is valued at 30 Crore per match.


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