LIV Golf’s Pat Perez opts out of the lawsuit against the PGA Tour with ‘no ill feelings’

LIV Golf’s Pat Perez becomes the second player to opt out of the lawsuit against the PGA Tour, admitting he ‘didn’t really think it through’ and has ‘no ill feelings’ toward the Tour

  • Former PGA turned LIV Golfer Pat Perez has removed himself from the lawsuit against the Tour
  • Perez becomes the second LIV defector to do so, following Carlos Ortiz  
  • The 46-year-old won has earned more than $28 million throughout his career
  • Since joining LIV Golf, Perez has made $1.8m dollars from just two events

Pat Perez has become the latest LIV Golf star to remove himself from the antitrust lawsuit leveled at the PGA Tour. 

On August 3, 11 LIV Golfers sued the Tour, challenging the suspensions handed down for their defection.  

Carlos Ortiz has since removed himself from the lawsuit and now, he has company in the form of Perez, who has also decided to take his name off the case. 

Pat Perez joined LIV Golf amidst heavy criticism given his previous views on the Saudi circuit

‘I didn’t really think it through. I did it to back our guys,’ he told Sports Illustrated. 

Perez signed a four-year deal to join LIV Golf prior to its Portland event, signed the suit primarily as a show of solidarity as opposed to any resentment held toward the Tour. 

‘I have no ill feelings toward the PGA Tour or any of the players. I’m a LIV guy 100 percent. 

‘I’m going to play for them. But I don’t feel any need to go after the PGA Tour. They gave me a wonderful opportunity for 21 years. 

Perez participated in the LIV Golf Invitational at Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster

Perez participated in the LIV Golf Invitational at Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster

‘I’ve got nothing against them, no hard feelings toward anybody. I earned everything I got out there, don’t get me wrong.’

The 46-year-is old is in a different place to many of his contemporaries. Many are ready and willing to play in various PGA-sanctioned events including the FedEx Cup playoffs.

Meanwhile, Perez isn’t. Although he can see himself being involved with the Tour again, if ever allowed.

‘I chose to leave and I’m not looking to come back. I’d like to maybe play the Champions Tour one day if that can work out and that’s why I have not given up my membership. 

Perez spent 21 years on the PGA Tour, amassing four wins and over $28million in earnings

Perez spent 21 years on the PGA Tour, amassing four wins and over $28million in earnings

‘But there is no benefit to doing this. I have an unbelievable deal with LIV and I’m behind them 100 percent.’ 

Perez is a three-time winner on the PGA Tour and has earned more than $28million throughout his career.  

So it may be understandable to see why at this juncture of his career, Perez decided to sign the four-year contract. 

Perez's team Dustin Johnson, Patrick Reed and Talor Gooch

Perez’s team (L to R) including Talor Gooch, Dustin Johnson, Patrick Reed won the team event at the LIV Golf Invitational in Bedminster

Thus far, from just two events, the Arizona native has earned $1.84m — $1.5m of which derived from being on winning teams.  

A tentative date of July 23, 2023 has been set for summary judgement of the antitrust suit, in which the PGA Tour will almost certainly look to have the case thrown out. 

The trial itself is likely to occur on January 8 of 2024. With the lawsuit hearing pushed back, LIV’s now nine-strong contingent are at a disadvantage, for the intermediary at least.


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