Mary J Blige Delivers Gold in Gucci Hot Pants & Boots at FL Funk Fest – Footwear News

Mary J Blige is golden in Gucci at Florida Funk Fest in Orlando.

The powerhouse singer made her way to the stage at the musical festival, where she danced and sang her heart out, showing off her shiny gold outfit on stage.

Blige dressed to impress, making a statement in a gold Gucci two-piece set. The “Family Affair” songstress wore high-waisted gold Gucci hot pants made of extremely reflective fabric. On top, Blige wore a matching cropped vest. The Gucci set looks easy to move in and it’s no wonder why. Blige is a pro when it comes to stage presence and an outfit won’t change that.

Blige accessorized with large, chunky jewelry, layering statement piece on top of statement piece. The accessories truly make the look, from diamond chains to gigantic gold hoops. The singer amped up the glam with white Gucci shades embellished in gold.

The look is extreme in the best way, combining the best things about Blige’s style with the sometimes gaudy and bold nature of Gucci. It’s a statement for sure, matching gold-on-gold, but it works wonders, especially as a stage outfit.

The actress was secure on her feet in a pair of gold Paris Texas stiletto boots. The pointed-toe boots stop at the mid-calf with a slouchy silhouette. The footwear has a skinny heel and a prominent toe, commanding attention, making them the perfect boots for a stage performance. The boots simply bring the look together by complementing the gold in the rest of the outfit without being outshined.

Blige illuminated the stage, making for a thrilling performance for all.

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