Patta Nike Air Max 1 “Waves” White Grey

Patta’s out-of-the-box delivery of the Nike Air Max 1 was fondly regarded as one of the best releases of 2021. Highly sought after by Air Max 1 fans, the Patta Air Max 1 “Waves” was even a favorite among sneaker customizers as several different reinterpretations of the model over the last few months.

Simply put, Patta has lived up to their lofty name as masters of the Air Max 1 collaboration, and that relationship with Nike is a large reason why the 1987 runner still holds its esteem thirty-five years after its release. But with 2022 being the actual anniversary of the shoe, was Patta saving more colorways for the current year? A fifth version of their “Waves” style has appeared in Paris, depicted in a sail white and soft grey colorway. This subtle and simple colorway (and the yellowed midsole) lends easily to a “vintage” look that still has yet to wane in strength.

Let’s hope these (and a second wave, no pun intended) is hitting retail.

patta nike air max 1 waves white grey 1

patta nike air max 1 waves white grey 2

Photos: clint419

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