Presenting The Sneaker News Collector Club Web3 Ecosystem

BRICKS NFT is a reward and value based NFT for SNKR FRENS owners and the SNCC Ecosystem. In the IRL sneaker community, BRICKS are used to describe shoes that were once highly coveted, but have lost their appeal to the public. They may be undervalued, but still pack a punch.
Here’s how to attain a BRICKS NFT: BRICKS are primarily accumulated through SNKR FRENS ownership; you qualify to mint a free BRICKS NFT for every SNKR FRENS NFT you hold for thirty days. For example, if you hold three SNKR FRENS NFT for thirty days, you qualify for three BRICKS.
In Sneaker News Collector Club, BRICKS are a valuable commodity that can be used to access exclusive perks, including NFT redemption, exclusive giveaways, AllowList spots for upcoming launches, and more. You can also trade, sell, or buy more BRICKS and stack up, allowing anyone to acquire additional BRICKS for SN Insider redemption.

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