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We’ve partnered with the oh so cool, London based bestie crew Holly, Mia and Mina to celebrate the launch of our Crocs campaign ‘Your Canvas For Expression” 🎨👯✨.

At OFFICE, we are aaaaall about working with creatives making waves in their respective industries and this girl gang are all super talented in their own right, spanning Furniture and Set Design, Acting, Neuroscience and Photography😎💅 .

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Keep scrolling to find out more about them and how they are styling their Crocs and Jibbitz this season…you wont regret it😍!


Holly Rollins – @holly.ecr

I’m Holly, a furniture/spatial designer, model, and founder of ROLSTUDIO. – a London based furniture brand that focuses on creating furniture with intention behind each piece. I began my design journey during my early days of modelling, I began to assist set designers I had met on shoots, worked my way up to interior design and finally landed on furniture design. I love to create unique, conversational pieces that communicate issues that I think we need to have more open discussions about. My debut piece, the Aura Chair, is a sculptural response to black mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic and height of the BLM movement.


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Apart from your craft, what other aspects of creative culture inspire you?

I’m deeply inspired by fashion and architecture; I think clothes help us express our deeper emotions without words. Similarly, buildings also reflect the time, mindset, and emotions of the architect as well as the era it was built in.

How do you best express yourself?

I best express myself through fashion and unusual objects – my home, much like my wardrobe, is an eclectic mix of old and new. I love contrasting the modern world with something that has depth and history. So, I seek out timeless and quirky vintage pieces, for my wardrobe and for my home.

How are you styling your Crocs for summer?

This summer I’ll be styling my Crocs with a vintage/deadstock sports skirt from Depop, a well-made basic tank top from and a vintage nylon tote.


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Mina Idris

I’m Mina, I’m a neuroscientist so I don’t really have an elevator pitch… if I did it would probably make most people want to get out of the elevator.


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Apart from your craft, what other aspects of creative culture inspire you?

Film, photography, music, fashion… pretty much anything. I’m into film photography; you might even see a couple of my pics on socials for this campaign.

How do you best express yourself?

My research is creative in a different way to most conventional creative/artistic outlets. I guess the thing it has in common with other creative outlets is that it’s all about coming up with interesting ways to interpret information. I also love brain imaging, there’s always new developments in neuroscience and figuring out how to use them to help people is something I’m passionate about.

I don’t look like your traditional scientist or whatever people imagine a neuroscientist looks like. It’s not a white coat and thick glasses; I love expressing myself through my clothes and accessories. My hair is also a huge thing for me when it comes to expressing myself, it’s the ultimate accessory.

How are you styling your Crocs for summer?

Kinda loving wearing more colourful clothes lately, so I’ll style my platform Crocs with a graphic baby tee, cropped cardigan and my go-to baggy jeans or joggers, a vintage bag, and some gold accessories. This summer I’ll be styling my Crocs with any green/plant jibbitz I can get my hands on; I’m also patiently waiting on Crocs to make a lil brain jibbit…!

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Nia Ashi – @partywithni

Hey! My name is Nia, and I’m an Actor from South London. Performing has been a passion of mine from a young age. My goal is to tell stories which explore characters from all walks of life and inspire everyone to take pride in our own individual stories. When I’m not acting, I can be found behind the scenes on set as a Fashion Styling & Set Design Assistant.

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 Apart from your craft, what other aspects of creative culture inspire you?

I love music, its where I get most of my inspiration from! It’s my go-to for everything.

How do you best express yourself?

I express myself through my environment, my room is definitely my safe and favourite space! I take pride in my plants, I’m a very proud self-proclaimed plant mum. I love being surrounded by my books, photos, and memories of my loved ones. I like to think of my room as a sanctuary that keeps me grounded, protected, and promotes creativity.

How are you styling your Crocs for summer?

I’m styling my Crocs with anything and everything this summer! I love to be cosy, and I think Crocs provide exactly that – ultimate comfort. So, I plan on rocking my Crocs with a pair of baggy vintage jeans, tank top and lots of jewellery.

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